Panamanian coucine

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Panama dining offers a range of choices, and though the food in Panama isn't necessarily why people come here, more and more quality restaurants are popping up across the country.The ethnic food of Panama is a result of the many different cultural influences that have occurred in Panama's history. Europeans and North Americans are among the immigrant groups with a strongpresence in this melting pot country, and Afro-Caribbean influences are most commonly found on Panama's northern Atlantic coast. Panama is a tropical country, linking Central America to South America, andyou'll find no shortage of fresh and healthy fruits here. Due to Panama's relatively small size, you can find typical Panamanian food dishes on the menu throughout the country's different regions. Ifyou're feeling especially daring, you might sample what the Panama street vendors are offering.
Panama dining is probably best enjoyed in Panama City. Here, you will find the biggest variety ofrestaurants, some specializing in Panamanian food and others offering international selections. The ethnic food of Panama City ranges from Thai and Japanese, to Italian and Middle Eastern. The Spanish,who figure prominently in Panama's storied history, have definitely left their mark on the food in Panama. Ceviche, which the Spanish more or less invented in Peru, can be found throughout LatinAmerica, and Panama is no different. You can get Ceviche pretty much anywhere you go in Panama, and it generally is composed of fresh corvina fish that is chopped and "cooked" in lemon juice. Other spicesare added, and the overall tanginess of the dish is part of what makes it so popular. Panama City has a variety of fast food-style restaurants, and grabbing a quick hamburger is easier than ever. Due tothe increasing presence of North Americans in Panama, cafes and bistros are increasing in number. Outside of Panama City, your choices for restaurants will diminish significantly, but as tourism...
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