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Cowboys from hell
Released in 1990, Cowboys from Hell was another leap into heavier territory. Pantera showed a more extreme style on this outing, leaving behind its glam metal influences in favorof an amalgamation of thrash metal and groove metal

Most fans, as well as the band itself, consider it Pantera's "official" debut.[7] Cowboys included the popular tracks like "Cemetery Gates""Primal Concrete Sledge," "Cowboys from Hell," "Domination" and "Psycho Holiday"
Vulgar Display of Power
Then came Vulgar Display Of Power (1992), which presented even more mature, more personality andstyle, moving slightly towards the hardcore. The record highlights the slowing of tempos and style even more abrasive and violent if it Anselmo on vocals.
Songs like "Fucking Hostile", a fast,aggressive challenge to authority, the riff-driven "Walk", and "Mouth for War", remain some of the most popular songs in Pantera's catalog.
Far Beyond Driven
After Vulgar Display Of Power, in 1994released the album Far Beyond Driven, slightly more direct and brutal than its predecessor, which debuted in the Billboard top spot in U.S.
becoming the first metal album to get it. This album couldhighlight items 5 Minutes Alone, Becoming and I'm Broken (nominated for a Grammy in the section for Best Metal Performance in 1995). This album earned great respect among the staunchest fans of the musicmore "brutal." The album cover, with a head being pierced by a drill, had a great impact in his time
The Great Southern Trendkill
Pantera's next album, The Great Southern Trendkill, was published in1996 during the end of the grunge boom. War Nerve, Drag The Waters and Suicide Note Suicide Note Pt I and Pt II, two songs dedicated by the singer Phil Anselmo for his addiction to heroin.
On July13, 1996, Anselmo overdosed on heroin an hour after a concert belonging to the tour the band was performing throughout the state of Texas. His heart stopped for five minutes, but doctors who examined...
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