Paper history

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Paper history
The first papers were created around 3500 B.C. by the ancient Egyptians. They used strips from papyrus reeds which they dampened and thenmade into a criss-cross pattern and pressed into sheets. Around 105 A.D. Chinese people improved the paper by using tree bark, hemp, rags, and fishnets. Theword paper comes from Papyrus.
When writing was invented, people tried to write in something easier and cheaper than Papyrus or Parchment. It took 3000years to come up with paper! Around 105 A.D. in the Han Dynasty, a government official in China named Ts'ai Lun was the first to start a paper-making industry.Ts’ai Lun made paper by mixing finely chopped mulberry bark and hemp rags with water, mashing it flat, and then pressing out the water and letting it dryin the sun. Ts'ai Lun's paper was a big success, and began to be used all over China. It took thousand years before people were using paper all over Eurasia.By the 400s AD, people in India started making paper. . In 751 AD in Samarkand there was a big battle because the Chinese and Arabs were fighting forcontrol. In this war, Arabs captured some Chinese men, some of these knew how to make paper and explain them to the Arabs for their freedom.
Starting in the1200s, the Christians conquered Islamic Spain, and as they took over Spain they also learned how to make paper. By 1250 AD, the Italians had learned to makegood paper and sold it all over Europe. In 1338, French people began to make their own paper. In 1411 people in Germany began to produce their own rag paper.