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Marketing Insights Series by Jivin’ Hive

Specialists in Experiential Marketing, Youth Marketing, Social Media

Where’s the Face on Your Brand’s Facebook Page? With everyone jumping on thesocial media bandwagon, Facebook contests are the hottest thing since Facebook itself and the average consumer gets exposed to plenty of contests and giveaways when they log on to check out their friendupdates. Major brands have been quick to embrace Facebook as another ve potential facet to engage with their consumers. Yet a majority of these brand pages remain faceless, where the accountadministrators who update the brand information remain in the background, unseen by the fans who frequent these pages. With the ho lack of a human face, there is an inability to fully connect with consumersas there is perception of a re huge corporation or brand talking to everybody at the same time and this is never as effective as having one-on-one conversations. By not enabling these conversations,brand owners are not fully realizing the . potential and depth of connection afforded by social media tools. In order for Brands to maximize their interactions and relationship with their fans in thesocial m media sphere, there is a need to have real people, with real passion and interest in the brand engaging existing fans online. While the brand must be infallible and relatively careful inwhat is officially communicated, having real people speaking up for the brand and interacting with the community at large lends a sense the of realism, while at the same time, shifts the liability ofthe statements made by the ambassadors to be attributable as the ambassadors’ honest, personal opinion instead of being the official word or ’ he statement made by the brand. With this increasedflexibility, there arises greater opportunities for the brand to create connections and intimacy with consumers on levels that would have been previously impossible to achieve.

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