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American Chemical Society ACS Web Editions * ACS Journal Archives * C&EN Online Terms and Conditions of Use Revised: January 3, 2003 1. Copyright and Proprietary Rights: The entire contents of ACS Web Editions and ACS Journal Archives, including individual journals, articles, abstracts, book chapters, and other items within these materials are copyrighted by the ACS under the Copyright Laws ofthe United States Codified in Title 17 of the U.S. Code, which is party to both the Universal Copyright Convention and the Berne Copyright Convention. Licensee agrees not to remove or obscure copyright notices. ACS grants no copyright or ownership interests to Licensee for any of the material and proprietary information referred herein belonging to ACS. 2. Access: 2.a. ACS Web Editions may beaccessed in the standard Internet formats using HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 2.b. ACS Journal Archives may be accessed using Adobe Acrobat PDF formats for the years 1995 and back and in the standard Internet formats using HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF format from the years 1996 through the years prior to those defined under a Current Web Edition Subscription. The ACS Journal Archives includes thebackfile of all ACS titles and is sold as access to a single body of research. ACS reserves the right to change formats with three months notice. It is the responsibility of the User to establish and maintain at User’s expense Internet connections to the ACS, to provide and install suitable Web browsers, licenses for Adobe Acrobat, and any other software necessary to view the ACS Web Editions and ACSJournal Archives. 2.c. ACS shall use reasonable commercial efforts to provide continuous availability of the licensed material through the Internet. It is understood that availability will be subject to periodic interruption due to maintenance of the server(s), installation or testing of software, loading new information files, and downtime related to equipment or services outside the control ofthe ACS including public and private telecommunications services or Internet nodes or facilities. 2.d. Access Control by IP Address: Access to the ACS Web Editions and ACS Journal Archives from within the Authorized Site are controlled by Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Licensee is responsible for providing valid IP addresses for their organization on Attachment B. The form of these IP addressesmust be acceptable to the ACS. Only those IP addresses submitted by the Licensee and listed on Attachment B will have access to the material. Licensee is responsible for providing reasonable security to ensure that only Authorized Users have access to its internal network. 2.e. Authorized Users: Authorized Users are those individuals officially affiliated with the Licensee for example, thoseserving in the capacity of employees, consultants under contract with the Licensee, faculty and other teaching staff, and persons officially registered as full or part-time students, that are located at an Authorized Site and use an Authorized Terminal. Others who are physically present in the library at the Authorized Site may use the database from an Authorized Terminal but may not connect viatelecommunications from locations outside the Authorized Site. 2.f. Access Rights for Cancelled Subscribers to ACS Web Editions: Except for termination for cause, upon request at time of cancellation, ACS Web Edition customers will be provided access to the content contained in a current subscription of the ACS Web Editions to which they subscribed in the given year of cancellation. Content will bemade available in one of two ways: 1) the one-time provision of a PDF version in the form of a CD Rom or FTP transfer OR, 2) option to access any materials that were accessible during the term of this agreement for the appropriate ACS Journal Archives access fee under the terms and conditions of use for the ACS Journal Archives.

Revised 10/4/02

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