Paradise lost

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Paradise lost
Biography of John Milton:

John Milton was born in London in 1608, his mother was a very religious girl and his father was a scrivener or law writer. At the age of twelve Milton was admitted to St Paul's School, five years later he entered Christ's College, Cambridge. While considering himself destined for the ministry, he began to write poetry in Latin, Italian, and English.He was expelled from the university and then he lived with his father for six years writing different works. His first published poem was the sonnet “An Epitaph on the Admirable Dramatic Poet, W. Shakespeare”, which was printed anonymously in the Second Folio of Shakespeare's works (1632).
Then his family moved to Horton, Buckinghamshire, where Milton knew a lot of people as Galileo Gallilei. Thisis known because there are references to Galileo's telescope in Paradise Lost. Milton returned to London in 1639. Concerned with the Puritan cause, Milton published a series of pamphlets against episcopacy (1642), on divorce (1643), in defense of the liberty of the press (1644), and in support of the regicides (1649).
In 1651 Milton became blind, blindness helped him to stimulate his verbalrichness. One of his assistants was the poet and satirist Andrew Marvell (1621-78). After the Restoration of Charles II in 1660, Milton was arrested as a noted defender of the Commonwealth, but was soon released.
Milton was married three times. By first he married in 1642 Mary Powell, and they had a daughter. Then Mary died and he married Katherine Woodcock, she died in 1658. For her memory Miltondevoted the sonnet 'To His Late Wife'. In 1660’s he married his third wife that was much more younger than him. With his third wife he spend his last days and he died in 1674.
-His works can be divided in three periods , the first during Charles I’s period, the second during the Commonwealth and the third during the Restoration.
* The Doctrine an Discipline of Divorce (1643)claimingthe right of either party to dissolve a marriage on the grounds of incompatibility.
* Areopagitica (1644), a passionate plea for the freedom of the press.
* Of Education (1644), in the form of a letter.
* Of the Tenure of Kings and Magistrates (1649), written after Charles I’s execution, and supporting the right of the people to put a monarch to death.
* Eikonklastes(“imagebreaker”) (1649), written in answer to Eikon Basilike (“Royal Image”), a book, which for years, was believed to be Charles I’s diary.
* Defensio Pro Populo Anlicano , in latin, in two parts, (I:1651-II:1654)
* 23 Sonnets
* Paradise Lost (first published in 1667) an epic poem in 12 books dealing with the fall of Adam, that is to say Man, and his consequent redemption trough Christ.
* ParidiseRegained (published in 1671), in four books, describing Christ’s temptation by Satan and His victory over him.
* Samson Agonistes (published in 1671), a play depicting the last days of Samson while a prisoner of the Philistines.

About Paradise lost:
It’s composed by 10.565 verses, divided into 12 books; every book is proceeded by a summary. The poem keeps the epic tradition and starts inMedia Res.
BOOK I: This first book proposes the whole subject. Satan revives the fallen legion spirits by his speech. They build a palace, called Pandemonium. There the high ranking angels assemble in council.
BOOK II: A debate is held in heaven, concerning an ancient prophecy of another world which was to be created. Satan alone undertakes the voyage to find this world. He encountersSin and Death, guarding hell's gates. Satan embarks on his passage across the great gulf of chaos between heaven and hell, till he sees the new universe.

BOOK III: God sees Satan flying towards this world and foretells the success of his evil mission to tempt man. His Son freely offers to sacrifice himself for man's salvation. Meanwhile Satan finds an opening to the new universe within....
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