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Paraphilia: real disorder or cultural imposition?
Paraphilias refer to different behaviors, fantasies, sexual urges, sexual deviations or perversions which have as main focus objects, activities or situations of unusual character within the standards areas set by society. Some of the common characteristics of these acts that involve the many existing problems are:
* "Sexual fantasies orsexual urges about non-human objects
* "Sexual behaviors involving the act of humiliation and suffering of a person or yourself
* "Adult sexual behavior involving adults or children without their consent.
Some of the common paraphilias are such as:
* Exhibitionism
* Fetish
* Frotteurism
* Pedophilia
* Masochism
* Sadism
* Transvestitism
* Voyeurism
Then wewill see a brief explanation of some of the above mentioned paraphilias to obtain a greater understanding of the definition.
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* Exhibitionism: refers to the strong tendency to sexually arouse fantasies, behaviors or urges involving the genitals of the individual exposed to strangers. As the subject says this paraphiliaoccasionally feel the need to impress and surprise their victims by exposing themselves naked before unexpectedly circumstances. Exhibitionism is usually limited only to the exposure phase, it is rarely the actual sexual contact with their victims, but people can get to masturbate while they are fantasizing about exposing or exhibition of the same act. An often exhibitionism tendency begins duringadolescence and continues into adulthood.
* Fetish: refers to those who have sexual impulses associated with the interaction of non-living objects. The person wakes up the sexual state when he is wearing or touching the object of fetishistic nature. The objects that could be considered as fetishes includes: articles of clothing such as lingerie, woman`s shoes, or clothes made of leather ormany other various things. The fetish may come to replace sexual activity with his spouse or can be integrated into sexual activities in which his partner is willing to implement it. The moment, in which the fetish is the sole object of sexual desire, intercourse is often avoided. There is another related disorder, which is known as partialism, this one implies the action of arouse sexual desiresby the interaction of specific body parts such as feet, breasts, and buttocks. Fetishism usually begins in adolescence and tends to occur quite chronically in the adult life subject.
* Frotteurism: a paraphilia mainly related to men, this disorder is related with the fat of having sexual urges associated with touching or rubbing their body against an unknown woman without her consent. Usuallythe man rubbed his genital area against women. This action usually takes place in public areas, places where the subject can rub his victim and then disappear into the crowd of people without being seen. The frotteurism frequently begins in adolescence and has to decrease the abnormal behavior around the age of 20 years. You should know that the frotteurism is illegal because it involves rubbingcontact with another person without their approval.
* Pedophilia: refers to people who have fantasies, urges or behaviors involving illegal sexual activity with a child. (Usually children of 12-13 years or even younger’s). People who also enjoy child pornography are also branded as pedophiles. The act of pedophilia include:
-Undressing the child.
-Persuade the child to observe the abuserperforming the act of masturbation.
-Touching or fondling the child`s genitals.
-Perform sexual acts on children.
Some pedophiles are sexually attracted only to children. Commonly, pedophiles limit their activity to their own children or close relatives. Pedophiles predators can get to use force or threaten their victims if they intent to reveal the abuse. This activity constitutes rape and is...
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