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1.It is said that a sentence is in passive voice when the meaning of the verb is received by the grammatical person to whom it refers:

Te homework was done by CHUY
La tarea fuehecha por CHUY

2. Is formed with the auxiliary verb to be and the past participle of the verb is conjugated.

3. The addition to the active sentence becomes the passive subject. As in Castilian,the subject can be kept active as an agent.

4. When a verb has two plug-ins can make two passive structures:
A book was sat to CHUY by lovely Mrs. ALICIA
Un libro fue enviado a CHUY por lovelyMrs. ALICIA.


I am seen, soy visto
you are seen, eres visto
he is seen, es visto
we are seen, somos vistos
you are seen,sois vistos
they are seen, son vistos

I have been seen, he sido visto
you have been seen, has sido visto
he has been seen, ha sido visto
we have been seen, hemos sido vistos| PASADO
I was seen, fui visto
you were seen, fuiste visto
he was seen, fue visto
we were seen, fuimos vistos
you were seen, fuisteis vistos
they were seen, fueron vistos

I shall beseen, seré visto
you will be seen, serás visto
he will be seen, será visto
we shall be seen, seremos vistos
you will be seen, seréis vistos
they will be seen, serán vistos |

PRETERITOPLUSCUAMPERFECTO:  I had been seen, había sido vistoCONDICIONAL:  I should be seen, sería visto
FUTURO PERFECTO:  I shall have been seen, habré sido visto
CONDICIONAL PERFECTO:  I should have been seen,habría sido visto |
The passive voice is formed with the verb to be conjugated plus the participle of main verb. English is much more frequent than in Spanish and usually appears when it isimportant who performs an action but the fact itself. So whenever we see not a passive, we have to translate it literally, since in Spanish sounds more forced. It is only possible to use the passive voice...