Parents an friends

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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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Parents and teachers, today have a common concern about the development of personality in children. It has been proved by many evidences thatpersonality is the product of both heredity and environment. So if trying to establish good personality pattern in early formative years, one should have knowledge about the environmental influences uponchild.
            When a child enters in school his relations outside the home become more important than inside the family. Children’s attitude towards outsiders depends greatly on their relationsinside the family. In family not only parents but siblings and grandparents also affect their personality development. Outside the family, peer relations directly influence the personality pattern ofchildren. Parents and peer’s relations are sometimes complementing to each other. Children expand their skills learned inside the family in peer group. In other words peer group is like a platform wherechildren freely experiment with the social skills granted by the family.
            If peer group comprised of the members of different cultural groups having different values and desired behavior,child’s personality will be the dynamic organization of all those traits acquired from the group.
            Throughout the childhood years a child is worried about being an accepted and demandingmember of group. Child learns through group how to be cooperative, loyal, responsible and independent of adults. Child wants to be like the members of his peer group and having material possessionslike them.
            If a child finds it easy to have pleasant relationships inside as well as outside the family he will enjoy the social contacts and will repeat them. Early social experienceswith peers function as a tool for personality development.     
            Peer group influence is also important in the development of self concept in children. It will be hazardous for a child‘s...