Parents in colombia

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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2012
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The Disagreements between Children and Parents in my Culture

Throughout a human being’s life, a child’s age belongs to a moment in life, when the relation ship between parents and ususually involves discussions and disagreements. That’s why in some cases, when through our whole life the domestic relationship between parents and children is always palatable or acceptable for you,the situation conflicted and discussions, as time goes on, misunderstood. Children in my culture might disagree with their parents and it usually has consequences, but I can be almost sure, that thosedisagreements are worldwide . The reasons for this disagreements with their parents and sometimes even refuse to follow their directions and rules, is related with the changes that the kids and parentsshould live in. First of all, i want to point out hormonal changes, that are part of every single kid ; they turn around the emotional feelings which could have negative repercussions ininterpersonal relationships. In addition, the sexual desire and the increase of sexual activities are encouraged by hormones, and tip parents to be more restrictive and controlling with respect to hanging outwith friends. Usually it's worse in a girl’s family, by the time the parents are looking for autonomy, and the discussions will be more frequent.
Most parents don’t like their sons and daughtersto get involved in relationship when they are teens. Some young people think that they can grow up faster if they start their sexual life early. That’s why many parents oppose relationship betweenteenagers. Many times the young people leave their homes very soon because they think that they can live by themselves but then they realize that they really can’t do it, because alone they understandthat life is difficult, so they go back home repentant. 
 Another fact is that spending a lot of time with friends allow teens to start making their own decisions, so they start to feel more...
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