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English for Hotel Staff
Working in the hotel industry you will come across many types of travellers. Some will be business guests, others will be tourists and visitors. Many will speak a differentlanguage other than your own. Chances are, plenty of your guests will speak English. Do you know how to speak politely to a guest in English? Can you understand their requests and serve themaccordingly? Whether your job is to take reservations or clean the hotel rooms, these pages can help you learn important words and expressions to use on the job in the hotel industry. Read and listen to thelessons. Then take the quizzes to test your comprehension.
Hotel Vocabulary
| |Word |Meaning |Example sentence|
| |part of speech | | |
|1 |adjoining rooms |two hotel roomswith a door in the centre |If you want we can book your parents in an |
| |noun | |adjoining room.|
|2 |amenities |local facilities such as stores and restaurants |We are located downtown, so we are close to all |
| |noun ||of the amenities. |
|3 |attractions |things for tourists to see and do |The zoo is ourcity's most popular attraction for|
| |noun | |kids. |
|4 |baggage|bags and suitcases packed with personal belongings |If you need help with your baggage we have a cart|
| |noun | |you...