Partes computadora

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The "motherboard” is the principal element of any computer, is where they are or to that all the devices connect. Physically, is a synthetic material, onwhich there exists an electronic circuit that connects diverse elements that are anchored on her; the principal ones are:

• The microprocessor

• The principal memory,generally in the shape of modules;

• The slots of expansion where the cards connect;

• Diverse chips of control, between them the BIOS. (Basic Input Output System)

Themicroprocessor, or simply the cpu, is the brain of the computer. It is a chip, a type of electronic component in whose interior is existed by thousands (or million) of elements calledtransistors, which combination allows to realize the work that has the chip entrusted.

The principal memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) is where the computer guards the information thatit is using in the present moment; they are them "gentle" famous in number of 32mb, 64mb ó 128mb that appear in the announcements of computers. Physically, the chips of memory areblack rectangles that are in the habit of being welded in groups to a few sheets with "pines" or contacts. The difference between the RAM and other types of memory of storage, as the harddisk, is that the RAM is much more rapid, and that resigns on having extinguished the computer.

BIOS: basic system of entry - exit. Program incorporated in a chip of themotherboard that takes charge realizing the basic functions of managing and configuration of the computer.

Ports of entry USB, Com1 and com2, Serial, Printer Port PS/2 and Keyboard.Basically it is important more on the parts of the computer serves to revise not to forget each of the devices that integrate it and his importance for the functioning of everything the PC.
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