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Glossary of Literary Terms

Action- The events that take place in a work of literature. In drama, stage action refers to any event that occurs on the stage. The action of a novel, short story ornarrative poem is usually both external and internal. External action comprises those physical events that actually occur in relation to the characters, actions that affect them or in which theyparticipate. Internal action refers to a character’s thoughts and feelings as they are reported by the author

Acts- Divisions of plays or operas. On the contemporary stage, the three-act play is mostcommon.

Ballad- A story told in verse and usually meant to be sung. The earliest ballads, known as folk ballads or popular ballads, were composed anonymously and transmitted orally for generations.sCharacters- Persons-or animals, things, or natural forces presented as person- appearing in a short story, novel, play, or narrative poem.

Comedy- In general, a literary work that is amusing andends happily

Conflict- A struggle between two opposing forces or characters in a short story, novel, play, or narrative poem. Conflict can be internal or external, and it can take one of theseforms:
1.-Person against another person
2.-Person against society
3.-A person against nature
4.-Two elements or ideas struggling for mastery within a person
5.-Person against supernatural
Drama- Astory acted out, usually on a stage, by actors and actresses who take the parts of specific characters. Dramas are usually divided into two types, those being tragedies (serious play in which thecentral characters meet an unhappy or disastrous end) and comedies (humorous plays that end happily). The stories are told through dialogue and stage directions, which tell the actors how they should moveand react to certain happenings.
Essay- A piece of prose writing, usually short, that deals with a subject in a limited way and expresses a particular point of view.
fable- A brief story or poem...
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