Parts of the body (children)

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Topic: Parts of the human body
Level: Elementary
Age group: 8 years old
Context: Students are able to:
 learn/ identify the parts of the body
 Topractice saying plural words
Key language:
 This is my…/These are my…
 head,mouth, nose, ears, arms, legs, eye
Resources: cd, stereo, flashcards, a poster

Activity 1:Time 20 Minutes

Theteacher asks children to stand in a circle and teach them a new song
Before the song she teachs them the actions for the song as follows : eyes – She takes a step forward and makes two round circleswith her fingers in front of her eyes; ears- She takes a step forward and puts her open palms to her ears; mouth –She takes a step forward and gestures to extend her mouth in a big smile; nose ,head ,legs, arms and so on.
Then, the teacher says children that they have to listen to the song and try to do the actions

These are my eyes

These are my eyes and ears
This is my mouth and noseThese are my arms and leg
And these are my fingers too!!

Activity 2: Time:15 minutes

*The teacher asks students to work in groups of four and introduces a picture of Pinocchio who does nothave eyes, legs, nose, and the rest of the words to be taught and puts the picture on the blackboard, besides she delivers part of the body flashcards ,one for each group and invites students to stickthe flashcard on the poster of Pinocchio,Finally ,once the picture is complete they repeat the body´s parts missing orally altogether.In this stage the teacher explains the singular and plural formof these nouns and helps sts to pronounce properly the vocabulary taught.


*Activity •3 :Time 5 minutes
The teacher reads a letter coming from Pinocchio and ask students to complete themissing words in the letter.She mimes and dramatizes to help them to complete the letter.This exercise is correcting altogheter

Hi my name is Pinocchio. I am your new friend. I am sad because I...
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