Passive voice ejercicios

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Passive Voice
Rewrite exercise. |
Principio del formulario1) They produce coffee in Colombia.
Coffee is produced in Colombia.

2) Someonewill import these spare parts from Japan.
These spare parts will be imported from Japan.

3) They built the library next to the museum.
The library was built next to the museum

4) Someone hasrepaired the roof.
The roof has been repaired.

5) A burglar broke into my country house a few weeks ago.
My country house  a few weeks ago.

6) They must redecorate the sitting-room
Thesitting-room must be redecorated.

7) Someone should cut the grass as soon as possible.
The grass should be cut as soon as possible.

8) They will put off the concert due to the bad weather conditions.The concert will be put off due to the bad weather conditions.

9) They had put up the tent before the storm began.
The tent had been put up before the storm began.

10) Someone called the firebrigade as soon as the fire alarm went off.
The fire brigade was called as soon as the fire alarm went off.Final del formulario |
Your score is 89%.

Some of your answers are incorrect. Incorrect answers have been left in place for you to change. |-------------------------------------------------
You answered 7 tasks outof 10 correctly. 
That's 70%. |
Your results: |
1) Julia rescued three cats.
 Three cats wererescued. | |
2) The students handed in the reports.
 The reports were handed . | Correct answer: The students handed in the reports.
The reports were handed in.  |
3) Maria crashed into the blue...
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