Passive voice

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Study this example This house was built in 1930. “ was built” is pasive. Compare active and passive. Somebody built this house in 1930. ( active) Subject object This house was built in1930. ( passive) We use an active verb to say what the subject does.  My grandfather was a builder. He built this house in 1930.  It is a big company. It employs 200.000 people. We use a passiveverb to say what happens to the subject.  This house is quite old It was built in 1930.  200.000 people are employed by the company. When we use the passive, who or what causes the action is oftenunknown or unimportant. If we want to say who does or what causes the action, we use by… : This house was built by my grandfather. The passive is be + past participle. Some verbs can have two objects.For example, give:  We gave the police the information.( = We gave the information to the police). So it is possible to make two passive sentences:  The police were given the information, or Theinformation was given to the police. Other verbs which can have two objects are: ask, offer., pay, show,teach,etc… I don’t like being…/ I hate people keeping me waiting. The passive of doing/ seeing being done/ being seen etc. Compare : I don’t like people telling me what to do.(act.) I don’t like being told what to do. (Pasive) Sometimes we can use get instead of be in the passive.  There wasa fight at the party but nobody got hurt = was hurt. You can use get only when things happen or change. We also use get in the following expressions( which are not passive in meaning): Get married/get divorced/ Get dressed / active She types letters She is typing letters She typed letters She was typing letters She has typed letters She had typed letters She will type letters She will have typedletters She is going to type letters She has to/ can type letters get changed passive Letters are typed Letters are being typed Letters were typed Letters were being typed Letters has been typed...
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