Paternidad y maternidad precoz

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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2011
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Seeking a quiet unattainable
The atmosphere here is not reliable.
I want to be if only if only everything will be fine,
Let no one speak to me, that will not break this silence, it's mine.Today I feel the cold.
Vertigo the world stop and I separated from the weariness of living well,
Tired of fake excuses.
Muses feel away from me, things I lived, the scar of trauma, bleeding lines,disarm the soul, it's my damn truth, half genius, half-wilted flower that goes off because whatever you do, the prize will not change my mood is this bad feeling that I have pale.
With mycolleagues I'm not warm, there is no remedy, ask what happens and I confine myself to look serious. My beloved feel boredom, says I'm away, I look and you see a constant disappointment.
And if life is amoment I forget that I am today, I want my desert escape without being seen, out of this vicious, fly to another place, stand still, where the solitude is my amulet.

Nothing and no one today to joinme in this dance, I want to be alone if everything is just fine, no one speaks, I can not breathe, for once the world street.
Nothing and no one today to join me in this dance, I want to be alone ifeverything is just fine, no one speaks, I can not breathe, for once the world street.

I give a shit what the rest say that they should rejoice or envy me for what you get, my only enemy is themind broken since a kid, pushing me to forbidden doors open empty smile with commitment and almost do not see mine , my family, people I most wanted, with my rap I'm in mourning, I do not enjoy is mypoison, get to write what I write I'm not so good.

And if I lose confidence tied to the circumstances, I wander like a zombie, never overcame fears, and kept a pact with God too sad, he never talksto me and I'm not saying that he does not exist, the North lost, I lost the play with fear, feeling traicineros nerves, stretching my fingers, I can stand it, I wanted to avoid it, and nothing...
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