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  • Publicado : 29 de marzo de 2011
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aul Shipton is an exciting new voice in children's fiction. His debut novel Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear was an hilarious homage to the hard-boiled fiction of Raymond Chandler et al, relocated to the "backyard jungle".

Born: Manchester, June 15th 1963
Jobs: Teacher, Book Editor
Lives: Wisconsin, USA
First Book: Zargon Zoo, 1991

Paul Shipton attended EmmanuelCollege, Cambridge and Manchester University. He completed an MPhil in Philosophy and an MA in Classics and then went on to teach English as a foreign language, living in Istanbul for a year. Returning to the UK, he spent several years teaching English as a foreign language. At around this time, he published his first book, Zargon Zoo - in his own words, "a fairly daft science fiction storywritten for people learning English". Four years later came Paul's breakthrough book, the hilarious Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear. Paul and his family have recently moved to the U.S., where he works as a freelance editor and writer. He says that although he is enjoying life there, moving has made him realise how British he really is - he finds himself pining for things like British crisps, soapoperas, villages, pubs and double decker buses to name a few.

"I had a vague idea that I wanted to write a story about animals which weren't cute and cuddly, and were totally different from people. I was trying to think of story ideas and the name of Bug Muldoon popped into my head. I had always liked the 'hard boiled' style of detective books by writers like Raymond Chandler, andthe name struck me as right for that kind of character. I just put the two together."

"I got the idea for Bug Muldoon, not surprisingly, in the back garden watching some insects. I was amazed at this violent battle going on below me - all while I was contentedly sipping my Ribena! It seemed natural to make the book a detective story - instead of the urban jungle, the backyard jungle."

"Igot the idea for The Mighty Skink when my wife and I visited a safari park in our beloved first car. A gang of monkey yobs leapt on it and set about shredding the vinyl roof. That scene, or something like it, is in the book."

"I'm really not sure that I wanted to be a writer when I was growing up. I did read quite a bit, but I think I wanted to be the characters in the books - footballer, Viking,space cadet, whatever I happened to be reading. At some point I suppose my ambitions changed - a good thing really, as I am a lousy footballer and I have been known to be seasick."

"A rollercoaster of an adventure which is a genuine thriller. Readers won't be able to put it down." Carousel on Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear

"A funny and enjoyable book- well worth the read." Word Up on Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear

"There is plenty of action to sustain the interest and thoughtful readers will enjoy the clear stream of satirical comment, not unlike Animal Farm. Paul Shipton's story deserves a wide readership." Junior Bookshelf on The Mighty Skink


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