Paulo coelho

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Silvia Reano, #45
April 29, 2009
Paulo Coelho
‘’Man needs to choose, not just accept, his destiny’’(Coelho, Quinta). In actual times, Paulo's words are some of the most inspirational words in the world. ‘’Success is a routine in the writer's life. For some, he is a genius, an alchemist of the word. For others, he is just a great best-seller.’’ However, there is a fact: he has publishedbooks in more than 140 countries; these books have been translated to 52 languages and have sold more than 33 million copies. ‘’Paulo Coelho is one of the five best sellers of the planet'' (El Alquimista). The dreams, life and works of Paulo Coelho made him one of the most famous and wonderful persons of these times. Paulo is not only a very good writer and a famous person; he is also a very niceand religious man. Some experiences he has faced in his life and his accomplishments in his work will lead to a deeper understanding of the writer.
Paulo Coelho had a life full of difficulties. One time, he remembered, ‘’Sometimes in my life I had to face difficult moments, I was in a hard situation, I was in jail, I had very many hard times when I was young, because I was always rebelliousbut I never saw this as a sacrifice, I saw this as a part of my Personal Legend’’ (Paulo Coelho Harper). His family did not want him to become a writer and follow his path; and the reaction of the writer was violent. He changed to be a rebellious teenager to the extreme point that he was three times interned in a psychiatric hospital (El Alquimista). When the hippie generation arrived, gave himstrength to quit everything, for example, the law school. After it, he started to pursue his dream. In Germany, Paulo and his wife decided to visit a Concentration Camp. It is when Coelho had a strange vision that would change his life radically. ‘’When I had that vision, I felt that he was telling me that I will find him later. It scared me. I got out of the camp and I comment it with Cristina (hiswife). Two months later, I’m in a café in Amsterdam and the man that I saw appeared. (…) I went to talk to him, and he told me: I saw you!’’ The mysterious man talked some time with him and suggested him to have a second encounter with magic and Catholicism through the traditional RAM. Paulo does not want to say who is the man that later, became the spiritual guide and teacher of the writer. Theman told him that the only way he can return to the truth was doing the pilgrimage to The Road of Santiago (El Alquimista). For that reason, he did not write books until 1986, when he wrote his first book: The Pilgrimage (Worldmind). Coelho has stated, ‘’everyone in Earth has a reason to live and my reason is to be a writer’’ (Paulo Coelho Harper), and he applied these words to his own life andbecame a successful writer.
Capen in an interview for Futurist Radio Hour has asked Paulo Coelho what is it that moves him to write, and he answered that in a certain way he tries to share with his readers his inner quest, which is basically his spiritual quest (Worldmind). Paulo Coelho is an incomparable and successful writer who has sold a total of 100 million copies (Biography). Before hegot into the literary life, he was an actor and director of theater, journalist, composer director of the CBS discs, of the newspaper Express Underground, he found the magazine 2001 and was secretary of drafting of the newspaper ''O Globo'' (FanClube Bio). But when he was 38 years old, he decided to write his first book and risk everything entering into a battle he had always subconsciouslyfeared: the battle for his dream. Then he found a publisher and the first book appeared, The Pilgrimage that led him to write The Alchemist, which led him to others books, which led to translations, which led to lectures and conferences all over the world (Coelho, It's a mad world). In 1986, he published The Alchemist, which is his great national and international success (FanClube Obras). Lawrence...
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