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The poet discusses the following themes:. peace:
Vaughan believes the peace is a spiritual quality. He tells his soul he will find peace
. permanence :
life is full of change , or "foolish ranger ". But the rose of peace in Heaven cannot wither or fade. God and heaven are the one unchanging reality .
. A vision of Heaven :
Relevant Background
* The poet Henry Vaughan was born and livedfor most of his life in the village of Llansanffraid in Wales.
* He studied medicine and law at Oxford University.
* During the English Civil War he supported the Royal side and served in the Royal army in 1645. This probably influenced his image of God as the King of Peace, protected by an army.
* He was deeply inspired by nature.
* For his career he practised medicine.
*Vaughan developed an interest in writing spiritual poetry in the second half of his life. He is most famous for his spiritual poems.
* Vaughan's began to publish poetry seriously from 1650.
* In ‘Peace’, Vaughan addresses his own soul. He does this in such a way that he hopes to influence the readers of his poem.
* The poem is a religious reflection, a type of prayer for his soul.* It is also an attempt to persuade readers to seek the happiness of heaven by leading a good life.
* Vaughan describes a country beyond the stars. He means a spiritual place, heaven.
* An angel, a winged sentry, guards entry. The sentry is skilful at guarding heaven. From reading the bible it is possible to conclude that the angel here is the archangel Michael.
* Vaughan imaginesthat God rules like a king in heaven. He creates a picture of God the king as peace itself, full of smiles.
* God and heaven have the protection of both the sentry and an army of angels. The military commander of the ranks of angels is Jesus, born in a manger. Jesus is commander of the ‘files’, the ranks of angel-soldiers.
* Vaughan tells his soul that Jesus is his special and courteousfriend.
* He urges his soul to be alert.
* He reminds his soul of the religious idea that Jesus came to earth from heaven and died to save his soul out of pure love.
* Vaughan urges his soul to aim for heaven. The reward is that heaven is a peaceful and happy place. It contains the flower of peace.
* The flower of peace is a spiritual rose that cannot fade. Heaven lasts forever.* Heaven is both a safe spiritual fortress and a comfortable relaxing place for the soul.
* God alone can secure or save the soul.
* Vaughan urges his soul to give up its drifting from pleasure to pleasure. He accuses himself of engaging in foolish distractions that he should give up.
* He tells his soul that God, the one being who never changes, can cure him of the evils of lazinessand aimlessness.
* Peace
Vaughan believes that peace is a spiritual quality. He tells his soul he will find peace with God in heaven. He believes that peace depends on always being ready for a war against evil. While heaven is peaceful, the earthly world is full of noisy activities and dangers to the soul.  Peace is the reward for the alert follower of Christ. Peace exists because ofthe pure love shown by Jesus in dying for sins. Heaven is a peaceful resting place for any soul that accepts God’s spiritual healing or cure.
* Permanence
Life is full of change, or ‘foolish ranges’. But the rose of peace in heaven cannot wither or fade. God and heaven are the one unchanging reality.
* A vision of heaven
Vaughan has a clear vision of heaven. Heaven is like a fortress,guarded by an armed angel. This winged sentry keeps out evil. God rules and Jesus Christ leads an army of gorgeous angels to protect heaven from evil. The image of God in a crown on his throne emphasises his authority. In a gentler image, God is peace itself, but Jesus is a military commander fighting against evil. Heaven is full of flowers such as an eternal rose. Heaven exists in a place far...
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