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Production of pectin

| Pectin is a high molecular organic compound presenting in all plant tissues and used to support the turgor in plant cells. Pectin got it's unique profit due to it's typical features: 1. jellying ability 2. complexing ability |
Jellying is formation in a mix with sugar of strength thick jelatinous jellies. Complexing is an ability of a pectin to interact in humanorganism with salts of heavy and radioactive metals, binding and removing them from the gastrointestinal tract.
Those two features are unique for pectin only and no other matters, which gave a powerful insective to it's production and made it irreplaceable in public economy.
Due to international classification pectin is food supplement marked with index E-440. Molecular mass of pectin is up to200,000 with linear size of up to 1600 angstrems.
The main point of project is establishing the first production plant of E-440-PECTIN. For realizing of this project the purchase and assembly of contemporary highly productive equipment with technology of production and software is assumed. The equipment of pectin plant, built into the united technological line, represents in the essence theuniversal extract plant, capable of producing not only more than 200 types of quality pectin with the predetermined properties, but also more than 300 types of different medical and food ingredients, or many forms of different extracts, utilized in the pharmaceutical, perfume and food industry for the production of medicines, creams, ointments, lotions, colognes, perfumes and aromatizers. Today'sproduction assortment of aromatizers includes more than 1000 types.
The estimate cost of the project is evaluated tentatively at 5 million Euro. Assuming the fact that the production of pectin in the world is considered as the highly remunerative business, which gives to its owners the possibility to obtain up to 180% of profit, the turnaround time of this plant, on the basis of the net profit, will be0.9 years.
Most optimum by our calculations is the unit type scheme of building with the initial production capacity of 400 tons of pectin per year with the subsequent increasing in the capacity of plant.
Pectin production is the field of high technologies in the deep and complex processing of agricultural production exceptionally on the recycling of waste of production - citrus refuse, which atpresent nowhere and in no way is used, but is dropping to the dumps and rotting, soiling environment.
On the world market for a period of decades the steady trend of increasing in the consumption of pectin is observed in an annual level of the average 3-3.5% at the price of $14 for 1 kg. After reaching the design capacity of the plant it will manufacture only 4% of the world volume of pectinconsumption, which is equal to the annual need for pectin of 2-3 large confectionery factories.
Pectin is used in 14 branches of the industry:
1. in the canning industry.
2. in the confectioner's shop.
3. in the oil-and-fat.
4. in the food-concentrate.
5. in the baking.
6. in milk industry.
7. in beverage industry.
8. in cosmetics industry.
9. in pharmaceuticalindustry.
10. in geology.
11. in textile production.
12. in casting industry.
13. in polygraph industry
1. Confectionery products - fruit candy, a fruit candy, sweets, jams, jams, creams, confitures, halvah, pies, a zephyr,
2. Ice-cream.
3. Mayonnaise and liquid margarines,
4. Canned food - meat, vegetable and fruit,
5. Breads and bakery products for a dietaryfeed(meal),
6. Lactic products - yoghurts, fermented baked milk,
7. Cheeses,
8. Medicines of a huge spectrum,
9. The dietary and preventive feed(meal) connected with a conclusion from an organism of salts of heavy metals and ðàäèîíóêëèäîâ, collecting in an organism of the person at residing in the territory infected by Chernobyl, or contacting to them at work in mining and other...
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