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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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William Wilson Summary

This tale talked about two main characters. They had the same name William Wilson (one aristocratic) and the other one a common and ordinary young but they weren´trelatives. He was his namesake.
Both were at the same school and arrive at the same day too, William Wilson was a leadership among his school friends and he gained influence over all the other boys exceptfor one. His namesake, he was his equal in class, sports and quarrels of the playground. He refused to accept his opinions and obey his orders. His only purpose seemed to be to annoy him and spoil hissuccess, and gave him advice too. And obviously William Wilson refused to listen.
At time past, his namesake or the whisper copy him in every detail, he dressed like him, his movement and generalmanners, in spite of the weakness in his speech, he even copied his voice. And then they were the same appearance. But anybody seemed to notice it.
William Wilson changed to school and his namesakeappeared or travels and his couldn´t scape to him always interrupted his affairs, he could never be rid of him.
Whenever the namesake involved himself in any action of William Wilson, he did so witha single intention: to prevent some plan which might have caused serious harm.
One evening, William Wilson while attended a dance and the namesake appears again, so, William was very angry andkilled his namesake with a sword.

Personal Information

Mi name is Alejandra Leal. I am twenty eight years old. I am married, and I have two children. I have started to learn English since twothousand and four, but I haven´t ended yet.
In my free time I like to read a lot, and my favorite writer is Jane Austen. I love english Literature from eighteen century and read american contemporaryLiterature too. Besides I enjoyed eating in good restaurant such us Fina Estampa where sells the best Peruvian dishes in the city, Pasta della Nona that is near to my home and its italian food is good...
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