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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2012
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Michael Taussing points in his article how money makes more money. In something else involved in that process such as spirits or a spell. How it’s possible that money earn more money. Michelargues that , the money baptism is used by some people in order to earn more money. But what is a money baptism? The money baptism happen place during a catholic baptism while the baby is being baptize,one of the parent hold a dollar bill in his/her hands, and while the priest is blessing the baby, the blessed that is transfer to the baby as well as dollar bill. Consequently, the baby is blessed aswell the dollar, but in order to this spell work , the owner has to waste the dollar, and said “you go or stay,” tree time. As a result the dollar bill will return, and it will bring more money.  HE also argues that, the pact with the devil is practices by some people in South America.  This pact has lots of advantage as well as a disadvantage. For example, when some ones made a pack with thedevil, she/he will obtain lots of benefits such as money or health. However, she/he probably will die youth in order to pay Her/his part of the pact. Consequently, much people are afraid to practicethis belief. Nevertheless, when someone got  that money,  she, he  can use that money just to buy clothes and food,  but they can't waste that money buying property or land. Otherwise, those territorieswill be infertile.
Tambiah , “ for and Meaning Of magical Acts.” In, Reader in the Anthropology of Religion. Edited by Michal Lambeck, Black well Anthologies: New York, 2008
  Tambiah argues that,magic and science has much and common. For example, while some people use magic in order to cure people by the practice of rituals, the science has created medicines in order to cure those people. InContract, both magic and science have the different opinion of each other.  For example, the science argues that magic is not real, but when science has no answer for some accident; the magic is...
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