Pelicula kandahar relacionada con la violacion de derechos humanos en ingles

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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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This movie has a very interesting topic, the film is based on a story (partly true, partly fictionalized) of a successful Afghan-Canadian who returns to Afghanistan afterreceiving a letter from her sister, who was left behind when the family escaped, that she plans on committing suicide on the last solar eclipse of the millennium. This story takes place in Afghanistan,and mainly is the journey to Kandahar, through Iran, the desert and some little villages. One of the most important things of this movie it’s about the context (Taliban) and place because is one of themost conflictive countries.
In this movie we could see that they were almost at the end of the Taliban, that was a political movement that caused a lot of trouble, but we can also see the hard typeof life of the women under the Taliban, they neither are free at all and they are marginalized and subject, this is a kind of contradiction for this country (Afghanistan) that voted in favor of theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights, because in this movie we could see a lot of violations of Human Rights like:
The 1st. article is violated because women were not treated with equality and had nodignity or rights.
The 13th article says that everyone has the right of freedom of movement and the right of leaving the country; in the movie we could see that when they are traveling to Kandaharthey had to stop for a revision and some of them had books or in the case of Nafas had a tape recorder, they couldn’t continue with their journey to Kandahar.
The 19th article says that everyone has theright to freedom of opinion and expression, which is obviously not allowed by women at all, I mean they had to wear the burqa which covered all their bodies from the bottom to top. Also the guy thatwas American had to wear a fake beard and he didn’t like it but he had to do it anyway.
In my opinion the 2nd article is also violated because they obviously did a big distinction between men and...