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“The Express” The story of Ernie Davis.
A) Write this information in complete sentences.(Escribí esta información en oraciones completas)
Por ej:
His name was Ernie Davis. He was born in…..Etc,etc,etc,etc,etc
Name: Ernie Davis
Date of birth: December 14, 1939
Place of birth: New Salem, Fayette County, Pensilvania
Date of death: May 18, 1963 (aged 23)
Place of death: Cleveland, OhioHeight: 6 feets 2 inches (1.88 m)
Weight: 212 pounds (96 kg)
Position (s): Running back
College: Syracuse
NFL draft: 1962
Awards: 1961 Heisman Trophy; 1961 Liverty bowl; 1960 Cotton bowl
Causeof death: Leukaemia

B) Read this article. Translate the words of Ernie.(Lee este artículo. Traducí las palabras de Ernie)

Davis wrote an article of the Saturday Evening Post in March 1963, inwhich he said:
( Davis escribió un artículo de el diario Saturday Evening Post en Marzo de 1963, en el cual él decía: )
“ Some people say that I am unlucky. I don’t believe it.
And I don’t wantto sound as if I am particularly brave or unusual.
Sometimes I still get down, and sometimes I feel sorry for myself.
Nobody is just one thing all the time.
But when I look back I can’t callmyself unlucky.
My 23rd birthday was December 14.
In these years I have had more than most people get in a lifetime.”
C) Answer these questions. (Contestá estas preguntas)

1. Who is anunlucky person? For me an unlucky person is…………
2. When do you “get down”? I get down when……………………….
3. When you look back, what can you see? When I look back, I can see…………………
4. Why do youthink Ernie Davis had more than most people in a lifetime?
I think he had more because……………
D) Put these events about Ernie’s life in order. (Poné estos eventos de la vida de Ernie en orden)* ………He went to play in Elmira.
* ……..He was born in New Salem
* ……..At 12 he moved to live with his mother and stepfather.
* ……..He won the Heisman trophy.
* ……..He died when he...
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