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Is it right to kill a person? The privilege of being born as God gives us and takes our life who is God. The right to live no one should take it from anyone. I disagree with the death penalty becausepeople should not take anyone's life, this is not a punishment and against the principles and the law of the right to life.

The first reason is that people have the right to live until God decidesotherwise. Although a person has killed another should not die. God let that person die at the right time after paying for his crime. God has the final say to decide which is the right time forsomeone to die or live.

The second reason is that using the death penalty is not a way to serve justice. People should pay for their crimes and resolve not only let live no more. A good punishment isthat prisoners are deprived of freedom. A criminal must pay for his crime with hard work, no right to go free for no reason. Find a good punishment for death is not a good punishment is depriving theliberty of teaching him a lesson that what he did is wrong.

The last reason is that it goes against the principles and the law of the right to life. The government of a country has power to raisetaxes to build highways, for many things, but not composed of gods who can decide the fate of its citizens to die or live. They talk about rights and laws but for a crime committed and want to forgetthat and decide on the life of people. If life is a right no one needs to be removed.

Many people think the death penalty as a punishment to a person using the law of Pantaleon, eye for eye. Howeverthis is not the solution. This is also becoming criminals because they are removing the right of someone's life we must find another solution, not repay evil with evil.

In conclusion the deathpenalty does not show that we are right people or serve as an example to others. Applying the death penalty makes us murderers as well. That's why I hope that s removal from the justice system's decision...
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