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Death Penalty
Death penalty is the way which many countries in the world are using to resolve all the injustice and abuse in the society. Nowadays countries like china, Iran, Arabia Saudi and twentyone more countries incline in this way of castigate people for their bad behavior. First, this penalty was just for people who committed crimes in a very serious way but now it has been utilizing forcrimes which not deserve a decision like this. Many people of these countries are in favor of this action. Moreover, they think this is what these people earn. Death penalty is the best method to endwith people who make suffer others; however, I believe that this kind of penalty should not be a solution for people who place an error.
People who are in favor say, “To avoid more crimes and tosave lives, death penalty is ok”. In others words what these people are trying to say is that we must kill those criminals because once in jail they have the possibility to obtain their liberty again.Moreover, by doing this they can repeat or they can do the same crimes or more than before. In contrast, I think that these people must have the option to have a second chance to reform them in live andwith the society because there is of knowledge that most of the criminals learn the meaning of being in prison and what they want is just get out and get a job or recover their family.
Opponentsalso maintain that these criminals are irremediable, unsalvageable and it is useless any kind of rehabilitation. They want to kill the criminals without any compassion because when they assassinateothers, they do not think about the people who are behind them. The affirmation before is true. On the other hand, what we also should consider is that maybe this kind of criminals do not need to bekilled; on the contrary, what they need is a special treatment because they could have or suffer of a mental illness. This could be one of the reasons of why these people act in this way as well.
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