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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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The Impact of Death Penalty on the Condemned Family:
No one is ever prepared for someone in their family to be sentenced to death. Or do you think that a mother raises her children toend up in a line that leads to death? I don’t think so. When a person is condemned to capital punishment, this only shows how for some, killing is an acceptable way of solving problemsin our society.
There are several ways in which death penalty affects and harms the families involved, specially the family of the person that is condemned. These people feel betrayedand become traumatized by the fact that one of their loved ones is going to be killed by their own government. It’s like everything they believed in, the ones they trusted turnedagainst them.
How do de children in the family would feel? How would their reaction might be?
According to some cases, the kids’ reaction to death penalty applied to a member of theirfamily is very hard. Several of them start having problems with the law because they do not respect it nor the government anymore. This doesn’t mean that every kid out there whose father,mother or any relative is condemned to death penalty is going to become a criminal. The point here is, as said before, that their society failed them.
They kill mothers, fathers, sons,daughters and siblings. They destroy families… And they leave them alone with all that anger and pain to figure out how to live. So if they keep with this practice of teaching not tokill by killing, which for me is the most illogical and contradictory thing in the world, they must take a look at how it affects the families, specially the children who are the futureof our world. We can’t kill without some consequences, and most of those consequences are reflected in these little kids that are not guilty of the crimes that older people commit.