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Scene begins with evan and Patrice meeting in high school for the first day of school. They stare at each other as the meet in the hall way with no expressions at all.

Evan-Hi (slowly,not knowingwhat she would respond,if she did).
Patrice- I don’t know what to say evan im so sad.
Evan- I know how you feel, I feel the same way.
Patrice- Our hole lives changed since that summer night in thepark.

The bell rings. They immediately look at each other with guiltiness and walk to class. Evan walks into his class and notice that Lucy and Brett are in that class also. But yet act as if thaywere in different worlds, Evan sits down next to Brett.

Evan- brett are we ever going to be friends again?

Brett ignores him

Evan- what happened that night is no ones fault, not yours,lucys,patrices,kendras, or mine for that matter. Not evan archies.
Brett- how could you say it wasn’t our fault? It was! Especially yours and patrice’s.
Evan- it was just a game. None of us thought itwould end that way.
Brett- but it did!
Evan- well in that case it was yours to!
Teacher- brett and evan do you have something to share with the class?

They both shut up and don’t evan glance ateach other. The bell rings. Lucy walks towards Brett.

Lucy- hey brett what was that all about?
Brett- how could you ask that? As if you didn’t know. It was your fault too, you know.
Lucy- it wasn’t!sorry if atleast I try to continue with my life unlike all of you guys that look even more dead that archie.
Brett- shut up. Some one might hear you.
Lucy- and? Everyone knows.
Brett- noteveryone.
Lucy- you know that’s not true.

Lucy walks away.kendra sees lucy and deides to talk to her.

Kendra- lucy! Wait up! How are you holding up?
Lucy- why doyou care?
Kendra- because you are myfriend, well atleast you used to be.
Lucy- look I know wse forgave each other and all but that doesn’t mean we’re best friends again.
Kendra- I just came to see if you were okay because of what...
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