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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Toxic III

Toxic III is a VSTi format synthesizer for PC, designed to bring you professional quality results, while maintaining an amateur learning curve that won’t hinder your creativity. Toxic III features a hybrid synthesis engine, combining the best of FM and Subtractive synthesis. With the addition of a warm, analog-modeled filter and set of built-in effects, theToxic III concept remains one of convenience, simplicity, and superb sound quality. Features Powerful hybrid FM-Subtractive synthesis engine. Low CPU usage with no loss of sound quality. 6 customizable, anti-aliasing oscillators, each providing a rich, noiseless spectrum. 6 ADSR Envelope Generators, one dedicated to each oscillator. A Warm, multimode, analog-modeled filter, featuring Low-Pass,Band-Pass, and High-Pass settings. A dedicated Envelope Generator tied to the filter. 2 free-shaped, tempo-sync able LFO's, FM and LFO matrix. Up to 64 voice polyphony. Up to 8 voices unison with stereo spreading. Support for any samplerate. Completely sample accurate. 2 comprehensive multi-effect modules, offering Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Tape-Delay, and Chorus effects.

8 band, analog-modeled,parametric equalizer. An aggressive distortion module. A modern, inspiring GUI design, featuring our own “Symmetric Interface” layout. 64 step sequencer, featuring our “Smart-Sequencer” technology and double polyphonic capabilities. MIDI modulation matrix, allowing the user to route up to 10 midi controllers to modulate Toxic III parameters

While using Toxic III, you will find that manyparameters have similar controls. Buttons : Buttons have two states, ON and OFF. When ON, they emit an LCD like glow. To toggle a button between ON and OFF, simply "Left-Click" while hovering over it with your mouse pointer.

Knobs : These controls are made to work like hardware rotary encoder knobs that you'll find on most hardware synthesizers. To "Turn" the knobs, "Click-and-Drag" whilehovering over it with your mouse pointer. Dragging upwards will bring the knob to the right, while dragging downwards will bring the knob to the left.

Data Sliders : Data Sliders work similarly to the sliders on hardware synthesizers and mixing consoles. To increase the value of a Data Slider, simply "Click-and-Drag" the slider upwards. To decrease the value, "Click-and-Drag" downwards. NumberDisplays: Number displays work in the exact same way as Knobs and Data Sliders, exept the value is represented by an LCD-Like number. To operate a Number Display, "Click-and-Drag" your mouse pointer upwards for positive values, and downwards for negative values, while hovering over the LCD display.


Toxic III - Master

Master Section
The master section provides a range of globalcontrols as described below: Voice Controls POLY: Select the maximum number of voices (polyphony) Toxic III will use. MONO: When activated (yellow), this button puts the synth into mono mode. LEGATO: Legato button – Legato affects the transition between notes, slurring between notes. The glide time knob will determine the time taken to slide from one note to the next. When legato is off (grey) andthe glide time is greater than 0 all notes will slide from the last note played to the next regardless of how they are played. If the legato mode is on (yellow) then a legato slide will only occur if there is an overlap between the playing of the notes, that is the previous note is held. GLIDE TIME: This knob determines the glide time. When set to minimum, there is no glide. TRANSP: Controls theglobal pitch in semitones. UNISON VOICES: Unison voices are detuned and panned copies of the original voice, this control determines how many voices Toxic III will play. Unison has the effect of thickening the sound. Unison Detune: The amount of detune given to the unison voices - for wide silky effects. Unison Pan: The amount of stereo spread given to the unison voices. Turning the knob right will...