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Contamination phenomena:
Acid rain
(Act. 4.1)
Causes and effects:
As I had read, I have seen that the main causes for the acid rain to appear, is mainly thecombustion of things, like the combustion of forests, the combustion of cars, when volcanoes erupt, the combustion the factories make from their products they make,etc.
And I think that the effect that the acid rain can cause to a community or to the whole population is that the acid rain dissolves with many things that makethe forest trees to die. By damaging their leaves and severely damaging the wood. They do not kill the trees, it just damages it severely. It is known that acid raincause slower growth, injury, or death of forests. Also acid rain has been implicated in the soil degradation in many areas of the U.S.
Possible consequences:
Themost obvious and possible consequence of the acid rain, is the degradation of the forests, the damaging of the soil and the bad products they bring.
Other things thatcan happen is the ecosystem damage and even the probably extinction of the animal living in that place where the acid rain is taking place.
I think that we need tolower the amount of combustion we all people make, like driving the cars, avoid making campfires on forests to prevent the risk that the fire can go out of controland burn the whole forest, that would produce a product that when combined with the rain, it produces the acid rain. We need to take care of our forests, and also theanimals that live in it. Forests are alive and they surely would hate the acid rain. So I think something has to be done immediately to prevent the acid rain.
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