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Stardust Locations
Here is a complete list of all the Stardust in Endiness, now with pictures to show you the precise locations of each. Those marked with an "-->" indicate steps in the process ofgetting the Stardust. Stardust is needed to help Martel's daughter, Lil, recover from her illness. There are fifty Stardusts in all, and after every ten you get a really cool prize from Martel. Even ifyou forget one, you can always go back and get it anytime before you land on the Divine Tree on the fourth disc.
|SELES (1) |
|(1) Gravestone in front of tree |

|BALE (6)|
|[pic] |[pic] |[pic]|
|(2a) Start here in the castle, and go down the|(2b) Go down the second ladder --> |(2c) Turn wheel to open the gate to the boat |
|ladder -->| |--> |
|[pic] |[pic]|[pic] |
|(2d) Go to the inn and buy a bottle of spirits|(2e) Find Dran. He's under the city fountain |(2f) Give Dran the bottle of Spirits -->|
|--> |--> | |
|[pic]|[pic] |[pic] |
|(2g) After he moves, enter the tunnel --> |(2h) At this intersection, exit to the upper |(2i) Get...
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