People should live together before marriage

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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People should live together before marriage
As the world keeps advancing, people are becoming more open to new ideas and new lifestyles. One of these lifestyles is living with your partner beforegetting married. Many people now try this, and it is not as frowned upon like it was years ago. Couples have different reasons for doing this; some consider it a trial period with their partner, forothers it is for financial reasons. I believe that it is a good idea; people should live with each other before marriage, as long as they are comfortable with it.

One of the reasons that people livewith each other before marriage is that they look at it as a trial period. Dating a person and living with a person are two different things. When you are dating a person, they will show you theirbest aspects, and everything that makes them a “good catch”, but when you live with a person, you will get to see them every day, their moods, their habits, and after a while you might find that you donot like that person like you thought you did. At that point you can just decide to break up and it is over. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for divorce, people do not know their partnerthat well, but they get married anyway.

Another reason that people decide to live together is for economic reasons. After people are dating for a while and it becomes a serious relationship, thecouple starts thinking about all the money they are wasting. They pay two rents, they have to pay for gas to see each other, all the money they spend eating out and going on dates and they waste a lotof time traveling back and forth to see each other. Besides for that, many people want to save for their wedding, and it is much easier to do that if they live together and cut their costs in half. Ithink that this is a very effective way to save money and to get to know your partner better at the same time.

In conclusion, I believe that living with your partner before getting married is a...