Perception of truth

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1)Plato is a Greek philosopher who strongly believed the human perception of truth was wrong
2) He finds it easier for a being to continue living in a state of minimum questions since he is acreature of habit

Early civilizations up until today have been having the wrong perception of reality.

Plato’s parable of the Cave states that an idea to any circumstance is real, though theparticular is only apparent. He shares the classical example of the cave men, where the group of beings inhabits inside their home. Their reality, their perception of truth is only one since they don’tknow better, they haven’t dared leaving what they believe is their reality. On the other hand, as one challenging cave man has the courage to leave his “comfort zone”, he discovers the outer world,meaning he now stepped forward into a greater and deeper perception of truth, and there after contradicting his previous knowledge.
One can infer that all our knowledge is only based on facts that webelieved to be true, trusting our senses, experiences and mostly the beings we are more close to. Together with ideas, and facts civilizations developed into creating new technology, which in turn causedmore facts and more ideas that were widely spread into what we believe is today. Take for instance the belief of religion; no matter which belief system is induced someone created the origins ofthose. Everybody has varied systematic ways of interpretation; as a result the witnessing of an event can be distorted from each different perspective. When the idea is questioned, then the answer isdistorted having for certain that unless a person witnessed first hand a happening then the reality is not true. This can be inferred as a result of the multiple doubts and questions Catholicism belief hasperpetuated.
Many may question themselves, what is truth then, what is its “true meaning”? The answer is simple. Every person has the knowledge to create their own truth according to what they...
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