Percy jacson and the olimpians , the lighting thief

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Book written by Rick Riordan

'The Lightning Thief' revolves around a young man of 12 years apparently running one day discovers that reality is the son of Poseidon, god of the gods of Olympusand must recover Zeus's lightning bolt and try to restore the cosmic order before that put the Sun on the longest day of the year, before the summer solstice and bring peace to Mount Olympus.

Sonof single mother, has very bad grades, the school expelled him 6 times and has dyslexia. In myth, there is always talk that the gods have children with mortals, the son of the Greek god Poseidon andSally Jackson she wanted him away from his stepfather. His mother takes him away from the stepfather and then on the ride tells his best friend Grover who wanted to kill the fury his mother then tookhim to the Half-Blood Camp, demigods and place could be safe from the fury.

When his mother took him to the camp they were attacked by a Minotaur, and only Percy escaped and did not know whathappened to his mother. He was assigned to the Hermes cabin was attacked several times and once fell into a creek and fell on his head Poseidon's trident and then realized he was the son of Poseidon andthat God broke his promise with his brothers Zeus and Hades could not have children with fatal because these children are very powerful. This is where you find the beam assigned Zeus because he hadstolen, Chiron, one of the teachers of the camp, thought to be responsible for that wrongdoing was Hades. Zeus, however, believes that in reality, it was Poseidon who incited Percy steal the thunder.Percy and his friends perform a search to prevent a war between the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Percy decides to seek the Lightning along with a friend, Annabeth, and his best friend who is asatyr, Grover, Luke gave her sandals and went flying with friends. Lightning is supposed to Hades stole it, and they have 10 days to find it, because in 10 days will be the meeting of the gods, and...
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