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The gift of the Magi

This book is about a couple that has no money and want to give each other a great gift for christmas. They sell personalthings that are very important for them so they can buy the presents for their partner. But when it comes to exchanging gifts, they realize thatneither of them are useful, but what counts is that they intended to make your partner happy.

This story is very nice because it shows the true valueof love. For though they were very poor and could not give away expensive presents, they wanted their partner to know how much they love each other.It shows us, that they were very happy at the end because they know that they are very importante for their partner.

This is a good story toread at Christmas time because it makes us reflect on the true meaning of what a Christmas present is. No matter the cost of our gift, as we do it withthe intention of demonstrating how we feel about the other person.

The author uses a language that is easy to understand for all kind of people,not only adults but also for children.
I think the author wrote about this kind of reading because Ihe wanted people to think that love is notshown giving expensive gifts.
I totally agree with the author's view, because I do not think you need to buy expensive things to show how much youlove someone. I think the autor cumplished his goal because the way he explained the story makes you think much about how much the couple love.
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