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Porfirio Díaz 17
47750 Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco
Tel/ Fax: (52-391) 917-0830, 917-0450, 917-0366

|Company Profile |
|Date Established |1969|
|Main Activity |Production of tequila |
|Annual Sales 2008 |N/A |
|Number of employees |130|

|Environmental Opportunities |
|Specific Needs/ interests |A water treatment plant to process 1,500 litres of “vinazas” |
| |daily|

Company Description

Don Julio González opened La Primavera distillery in 1969 and began producing Tequila under the brand name of Tres Magueyes. Thirty years later, the name was changed to Don Julio. Today Tequila Don Julio is one of the most prestigious brands in the market, recognized for its quality and considered a signature tequila.

Tequilais produced from fermented agave. The company produces tequila blanco, reposado (aged for 8 months), añejo (aged for 18 months), 1942 (aged at least 30 months), and Real (aged from 3 to 5 years). La Primavera Distillery of Tequila Don Julio is designed to produce 17,000 litres of tequila per day.

The ownership of Tequila Don Julio is shared in equal parts by Grupo Cuervo and Diageo, the largestmultinational beer, wine and spirits company in the world. 70% of the products of the company are exported to different countries around the globe such as the United States, Germany and England.


The water resulting from the tequila production process (“vinazas”) is extremely high in BOD and COD (60,000 mm per litre or organic matter). Traditional water treatment methods do notreduce these levels. Tequila Don Julio built a rudimentary solid waste and process water treatment system composed of a tank where the processed agave fibres, called “bagazo” are mixed with the “vinazas” and lixiviates (generated at the same tank). 1,500 litres of “vinazas” are poured in the tank daily and mixed with 1,000 litres of lixiviates and 16 metric tonnes of agave fibres or “bagazo”. The“bagazo” has a moisture content of 60 to 70%. Bacteria breaks down the organic matter in a period of three months and the water is used for irrigation in the agave fields.

Tequila Don Julio is interested in a water treatment plant to process 1,500 litres of “vinazas” daily.

The distillery has three 600 to 2,800 HP oil boilers. Tequila Don Julio has no air emission problems.


The President of the company, Mr. Juan Casados is currently President of the Tequila Industry Chamber.

Interviewed person: Ing. Carlos Alberto Sánchez Lares
Date of interview: June 18, 2009
Prepared by: Mely Nelson


Cartagena 2699
Col. Jardines de la Cruz
44950 Guadalajara, Jalisco
Tel./Fax: (52-33) 3812-1414

|Company Profile |
| Date Established | 1991 |
| Main Activity |Design, construction, operation, and...
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