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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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Perfume is a novel that is based on Jean Babtize Grenouille’s story, where he works his sense of smell. The perfume’s story novel, was made in a movie where it shows how Jean BabtizeGrenouille was murdering women with his unique goal “find their smell”. Through the movie and the novel we can see many differences making that some aspects of the story were missed out. Among thepoints that where missed out in the movie we have Grenouille’s physically features, speech, number of murders, changes in his personality and the last one Madam Gaillard death.

Jean BabtizeGrenouille’s physical feautures were missed out from the novel to the movie. In the novel, we can see him as a small man with a big nose that after his disease his face was marked with pits making him looks veryugly. In contrast, on the movie he was very attractive and with a beautiful eyes, his skin was almost perfect and even though in the movie they tried to change his features making him looks dirty andugly, they didn’t get it.
Jean Babtize Grenouille’s speech was missed out from the novel to the movie. In the book Grenouille didn’t show any dialogue because he was isolate from people and theworld that he lived. In the other hand, Grenouille had different dialogs with Giuseppe

Baldini who had a perfume store and who answered most of the questions that Grenouille asked to him. Baldinitaught him how to preserve scent, however Grenoille was frustrate to discover that the Baldini’s method wasn’t complete. Here we can find an a dialogue that we never saw in the novel.
Grenouille’smurders were missed out from the book to the movie. In the novel we can see that Grenouille had killed twenty five girls to take her scent after he realizes that the prefect scent will make him fullyhuman. Nevertheless, in the movie he killed twelve young women, each time very successfully conserving their scent.
Grenuilles’s perform were missed out from the book to the movie. In the book...
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