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Racial discrimination is very common and frequent among the various societies in the world.
United States a multicultural country in its true essence. African Americans in the U.S. suffer enough discrimination either in the workplace and in society and to be treated today that their racism by African Americans improve day by day.
Taking into account that there is moreopportunity for employment because the current president in that country is African American. Not only because of color have been discriminated against in the U.S. also Muslims and Arabs after what happened last Sept. 11.


What Is Racial Discrimination ?
Racial discrimination is segregating a certain section of the society who a are minorities and not giving them a propertreatment. For example the discrimination against the blacks is the most common type of racial discrimination prevalent in the US. However, today there are many types of racial discrimination present in the society.
Even though African Americans today have come out of the racial discrimination effects and are now hoping to lead a more free life despite being through hardships, they can be verydiscriminating against minorities. When the Americans were losing jobs several Chinese and Indians were blamed. Also, people started ill treating Indians and Chinese who were blamed for taking away jobs from the Americans. This type of racial discrimination was caused by the government and its poor policies in the United States.
While there was no violence there still was a lot of prejudice in people.After the 9/11 attacks, things changed for the Muslims and Arabs who were residents of the US forever. Several of them were deported just because they were Muslims or Arabs.
Secondly, even today the government officials, cops and other people in the society look at the Arabs with an eye of suspicion. They are not treated like normal people and they are not given the respect like other people. Justbased on their name, other people stay away from them and it becomes hard for them to even find friends other than their own caste. This is clearly a case of racial discrimination.
Racial Discrimination History
Racial discrimination has been present in the society through historic times all over the world. So what exactly is racism and it is nothing but the discrimination of people based ontheir race. Race is a determining factor of human traits and also some races think of themselves as superior to others. Also, in some countries people belonging to a certain race are denied several rights in the society. This normally happens only in backward countries.
There are several differences in people belonging to different ethnic backgrounds however it does not mean that one is superior tothe other.
There was racial discrimination tremendously practiced in the India sub continent. People belonging to one caste such as Hindus had different levels in their own society. One Hindu who is a Brahmin is much superior to another Hindu who is from the backward caste. That was the thinking in the society. People belonging to low castes were not allowed to use the wells that higher castes useand also they are not allowed into religious places. Today, racial discrimination exists at various levels between Hindus and Muslims in India.
Racial discrimination was practiced even in South Africa. People from lower tribes were not allowed to mingle with the higher societies. In the US, racial discrimination existed between Americans and the Africans Americans. Racial discrimination is moreof a mind set and this type of thinking has been continuing through several thousands of years. Discrimination is not a new pattern set into the society but it is age old type cast thinking.
Types Of Racial Discrimination
Racial discrimination means discriminating a person or group of people based on their caste and race. Having prejudice against a certain Race of the community is called...
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