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1. Summarize
This tool is used for transforming media files into the AMV/AVI format which can be played on the Media Player.

1.1 Following video types can be converted:

1) The AVI format file: *.avi
2) The Windows Media format file: *.asf, *.wmv
3) The MPEG1 format file: *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat
4) The real player format file: *.rm. *.ram, *.rmvb;
5) The quick time format file: *.mov
6)The MPEG2 format file: *.vob;
7)The Flash format file: *.swf;
8) The AMV/AVI file converts to AMV/AVI file.

1.2 Operation System:

Windows98, Windows Me, Windows2000, Windows XP.The DirectX 9.0 or above.

2. Installing software

The AMV /AMVConvert Tool install fast, operate in brief. Two ways to install software:

2.1 Install automatically

Start the PC, after entering the system ofWindows, put the CD of the tool into the CDROM, the system will run procedure automatically. Please adhere to hint to click the "next move" button one by one in order, while installing successful click the "close" button, complete the install.

2.2 Install manually

If the PC did not set the auto-run the function, then need to move the start procedure:
2.2.1 First, double click the Setup.exefile at the root of CD.
2.2.2 Adhere to click the "next move" button, be to hint to install successful click the "close" button, complete the install.
After installation is completed, "Media Player Utilities" can be started from the [start]-[program] menu. Select the "AMV/AVI Convert Tool" software.
"the AMV/AVI Convert Tool" is the AMV/AVI format conversion tool, but "AMV Player" is the AMVon the PC document player, can browse to broadcast the AMV file that was come out by the conversion tool. 

3. Using the software

3.1 Adding a media file

After run this tool, Click "input file" button and select a movie file that needs to be converted.

3.2 Add the media file

After run the tool, click "input file"[pic]button right side of the column to increase the file thatwant to conversion. After click the button, will flick the path window automatically. Click "files of type"[pic]small button to choose the file type. Clicks "open" button after selected files, the interface runs as follow the picture: (that picture provides reference only)
After add the file, in "input file" column, can show the path of the file, as follows the red of the picture marks toshow. The status column displays the related information of these add files such as check box, the file name and path, status and file length etc:
NOTE: Here, we use WMV file as an example, for reference only.

3.3 Play the media file

This conversion tool contains function of playing media file, but the premise of playing is you have already succeeded to install related decoding tool.Details please refer to following text.
At status column click selected file, click "play" button play this file.
After the file start play, progress column can show the progress. After playing complete, the status of this file is changed from the "unconvert" to "success"; Time also would change actual time length; At this time, on the tool interface of "stop", "pause" button is valid atthe same time, click these two buttons can stop or pause play the file.
Note: When the file status change from "unconvert" to "success", it expressing that PC has already installed the decoding tool of this file’s type. This tool can play that media files normally, and can carry on the conversion after stopping play. Certainly, can also carry on the conversion directly before did not playthe media files, but for converting the file successful, we suggest that customer makes sure first that file can play normally, then carry on the conversion.

4. Converting the file

In the status bar, the left side of each media file has the check box and sequence number. The check box used for continuous conversion of several medial files of choice. The lately-increase file default setting...
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