Personal and possessive pronouns

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Personal Pronouns – Subject

Replace the words in brackets by the correct personal pronouns. Note that Sue is the person speaking.

1. My name is Sue. (Sue) ______ am English. And this is myfamily.
2. My mum's name is Angie. (Angie) ______ is from Germany.
3. Bob is my dad. (My dad) ______ is a waiter.
4. On the left you can see Simon. (Simon) _____ is my brother.
5. (Sue andSimon) _____ are twins.
6. Our dog is a girl, Judy. (Judy) ______ is two years old.
7. (Sue, Simon, Angie and Bob) ______ live in Canterbury.
8. (Canterbury) _____ _ is not far from London.
9. My grandparentslive in London. (My grandparents) ______ often come and see us.

Personal Pronouns Object

Aaron was on a business trip to California. He shows you the souvenirs he got for his family.
Fillin the correct pronouns.

1. My sister Jane loves books. This novel is for (she) ______.
2. My children like Disney films. The video is for (they) ______.
3. My brother Matt collects picturepostcards. These postcards are for (he) ______.
4. My parents like Latin music. The CD is for (they) _______.
5. I like watches. This nice watch is for (I) ______.
6. My wife and I love sweets. Thesesweets are for (we) ______.
7. My nephew likes cars. The toy truck is for (he) _____.
8. My neighbour wants to go to California next year. The guide book is for (she) ______.
9. Here is anothersouvenir. I don't know what to do with (it) _____.
10. You know what? - It's for (you) _____.

Possessive Adjectives

Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives.

1.Where are (you) ______ friends now?
2. Here is a postcard from (I) ______ friend Peggy.
3. She lives in Australia now with (she) _____ family.
4. (She) ______ husband works in Newcastle.
5.(He) ______ company builds ships.
6. (They) ______ children go to school in Newcastle.
7. (I) _____ husband and I want to go to Australia, too.
8. We want to see Peggy and (she) ______ family next...
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