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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2011
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December 13, 2011
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The personnel manager develops a task that involves multiple interdependent activities. That is,it acts around a system integrator that seeks to achieve social objectives, corporate, functional and personal, through interaction with a changing environment and the development of some basicfunctions include the preparation and selection, development and evaluation, compensation and protection, and the relationship with the staff and evaluation.
The personnel manager, aiming to achieve theimprovement of making organizations efficient and effective, interacting with internal and external factors that make a complete work activity that involves all areas of the Coca Cola Company. For this,the personnel manager must determine the key areas in each level of management and work with each of them within a clearly defined accountability framework.
Management must face external challengesthat affect their character and the whole activity of the organization. These factors are variable and have little influence over them, but they represent the key aspects on which the personnel managershould base its strategy. These factors are:
Diversity Control
Before, labor market was made by men. Currently, women has gained share in that market, which has led to fundamental changes inpersonnel policies and the analysis and design fees. Similarly, other retail groups have changed schemes, due to government policies that have open spaces so that once were barriers to entry into the labormarket: the handicapped or disabled, multi-ethnicity.

Globalization Control
The changes generated in the countries to the globalization of the economy, have generated economic difficulties haveprovided the turning point in the economic systems of nations and therefore business. Overall, the economic trends that affect management are:
* The national wealth.
* Inflation.
* The...
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