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Philosophy and Science for the Common Sense
By Mario Galle
1. - Man=Machismo=Bad and Woman=Feminism=Good: Fact or Ideology?
We all know and agree that Patriarch Men rules the public world (making decisions in politics, finances, etc.), but not many knows that Patriarch Women rules the home and family. In fact, scientific investigations demonstrate in year 2009 that 73% of the decisions at homeare made by women. And psychotherapist and psychoanalyst have known from a long time ago -like french children psychotherapists demonstrate in the first place- that mothers are the main issue for children mental health.
Here are some examples from around the world, based on the scientific evidence published in the last six years that demonstrates this kind of gender equation is false: Officialstatistics said -until 2009- that in Chile women kill relatives a 550% more times than men and 2/3 of the assassination of children is made by their mothers. Filmic evidence shows that mothers give less attention to their boy's emotions, than to their daughter's emotions. Studies show that for a woman at work, the main source of conflict is... the other women! And check this one: Scientific studiesdemonstrates that women are so in infidelity like men, the only difference is that women lies till the end, even to scientific investigators! In year 2009, in England, a study shows that in adults in their twenties or thirties, the difference between men and women in their percentage of infidelity behavior is minimal (no more than 3%). And even more: The studies made at big cities of USA andEurope in 2003 shows that women choose men as partners (in the big cities) not because of love affection (like women do in small cities and towns) in the first place, but for considerations about social and economic status that men could give to her and her children. And the last one for the moment: during the economic and financial crisis of 2008-09, women of USA refuse to share decisions at homewith their unemployed partners, causing them serious problems of identity and psychological symptoms. A woman of government say: “It is clear that our country is not ready for a change of roles between women and men at home”. The country is not ready? Clearly, women are not ready to share power with men at home (but they claim for power at street, office and government.)
There is no need to say, ofcourse, that if you want to know about men violence, simply take a look on TV news or go to the movies or play a PC game, for example. And, of course, I am not defending the abuse against women, children, minorities, old people, other races, homeless, etc. If there is a criminal behavior, then it is a matter of our legal system to condemn it. But this kind of issue on how do we share power ineveryday relationships, is a common fact and an ideological issue that defies us, and
we must try to understand it, searching for new, creative and more righteous answers. Our future and our happiness depend on it.
So, please, we are just only humans after all, and the black-and-white ideological equation of man=bad things, woman=good things (like the feminist book "The Challis and the Blade" argueand pretend to prove), it is simply not true. In the past, I use to say: "Well, men violence could kill you and women violence could make you crazy". Now, sadly, I have to say, women are increasingly doing same bad things like us -patriarch men-
use to do. Clearly, is not a sex or gender issue. Maybe the expressions of violence are different in man and woman, and maybe the internal (subjective)mechanisms that produce violence and the causes to chose “power-to-dominate” instead of “power-to-share” are different in man and woman, but these are not valid arguments to diminish the effects and the importance for society of the women's violence. Is not fair neither real to pretend that women are a kind of “immaculate angels”, and men a kind of “demons”. So, this world and its troubles are a...
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