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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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The course of Human Relations has been really interesting until now. In the last class, we answered a Temperament/Personality Test to find out which one of the eight possible combinations accomodatedmore to each one of us. The main concepts that we have reviewed so far in class are the theories of personality, including the Psychodynamic, the Humanistic, the Cognitive, the Behaviorist and thePersonality Trait theory. We have also seen the concepts of temperament and character and the different temperament categories.
The theories of personality are the different ways of explaining thebehavior of human beings. Many philosophers have tried to analize this behavior and came up with theories that explain the various forms of thinking, even though none of them is complete or fullyaccurate. The Psychodinamic theory states that human behavior is mainly driven by the unconscious mind. The Humanistic theory explains that people are free and good creatures so they have the urge toactualize and correct themselves in a positive way. The Cognitive theory establishes that there are four stages of development of knowledge in a person's life that are crucial. The Behaviorist theory proposesthat human behavior is mostly infuenced by the environment and the things that happened previously as a consequence to certain actions. Finally, the Personality Trait theory describes that a personcan be classified with five personality factors which are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientousness, emotional stability and culture.
Temperament and character can be sometimes confused but theymean different things. Temperament is the section of our prsonality with which we are born with that determines how we will react in certain situations and whether we are emotional or not. On the otherhand, character is up to ourselves, we can mold our character through the years depending of our surroundings and opportunities in life.
In these past two weeks I have learned that every single...