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Peru is the 19th largest country in the world. Is the third largest country in south America after Brazil and Argentina. It is bordered in the north by Ecuador, to the south by Chile and Bolivia, to the east by Columbia and Brazil and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Lima

Peru has a population of 29.5 million. Most people live along the cost of the Pacific Ocean, whereLima is located. Peruvian people are a mix of many different cultures, including Indians, Spaniards, and other Europeans. More than 70 % of its habitants live in the cities.

The main spoken language is Spanish, but the Quechua and Aymara are spoken by the highland Indians. Most Peruvian follow catholic religion introduced by the Spanish. Its official money is Nuevo Sol.

It has a greatvariety of landscapes. We can find there mountains, beaches, deserts and rain forest. Because it has so many ecosistems, Peru is home to a wider variety of plants and animals. The Amazonas, which is the world`s largest rainforest covers nearly half of the country. This place is home to plant and animals that do not live anywhere else on earth. Also Peru is one of the richest place in the world in termsof natural resources. Gold, silver, cooper, zinc, lead and iron are found across the country and there are reserves of oil and natural gas. Peru ranks fifth worldwide in gold production (first in Latin America), second in copper, and is among the top 5 producers of lead and zinc
Peru exports artichokes, grapes, avocados, mangoes, peppers, sugarcane, organic coffee and premium-quality cotton. Alsois an international leader in fishing, producing nearly 10 percent of the world's fish catch.
One of the most important Peruvian culture was the Incas, who lived in Peru 600 years ago and built Machu Picchu.
In this country we can find the Nazca lines created by the Nazca Indians, which are giant sketches drawn in the desert of western Peru by ancient peoples. The drawings were created onsuch a large scale is such that the shapes can be readily discerned only from the air.
In this country we can find different kind of pottery, textiles, jewelry, and sculture of Pre-Inca culture. Peru has a large variety of arts and crafts. The diversity, color and creativity of Peru's folk art has made it a fundamental activity not just for Peru's cultural identity, but also as a way of life forthousands of families.

Peru has a lot of festivities. We can say that they celebrate around 3000 festivals a year. The majority of those are organized to celebrate the day of a santo patron (a saint). Those saints originally formed part of the Christian calender in the Colonial Period but they were always mixed with the magical religion of the Andean regions. Some of this celebrations are:Virgen de Candelaria
This is celebrate in city of Puno on February
On the central day, the Virgin parades the city in a colorful procession, followed by more than 200 bands of musicians and a similar number of groups who dance around the city and compete for prizes in the local stadium. The festivity is related to the pre-Hispanic farming cycles of planting and harvesting (worshipping Pachamama orMother Earth), as well as with the region’s mining activity.

Fiesta de Virgen de Chapi

In departamento:Arequipa

on may 1

People walk 76 km to the church.

Señor de los Milagros

In departamento Lima. On octubre 23

La Inmaculada Concepción

It is celebrated in the whole country on december 8
They have mass, dances, corridas de toros

Peruvian Food
Peru is famous throughoutSouth America for its food. As a major fishing nation, fish is abundant, and prepared with imagination.
The primary ingredients found in nearly every Peruvian dish are rice, potatoes, chichen, pork, lamb, and fish. Most of these meals include one of the different kinds of "aji", or Peruvian hot pepper, which mainly are: yellow aji pepper, red aji pepper, red rocoto pepper
Chicken, pork and...
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