Phantom of the opera

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Chapter 1
What was the Opera House like? The Opera House was charmed because there´s a phantom who walks inside like a shadow.
Why did people think there was a ghost in the Opera House? Becausethey listen a noise and isn´t anybody and because the message’s of the Ghost.
What did the ghost have in the Opera House? A private box.
Chapter 2
Monsieur Poligny showed the new managers a letter.What did the letter say? “Box Five must be empty for the Opera Ghost for every performance.”
Chapter 3
What did the new managers think about the first letter they both received from the OperaGhost? That it was a trick by Debienne and Poligny.
Why did people in the audience get angry and call the police? Because there was a lot of noise in the Box Five.
What did the ghost give Madame Giry at theend of a performance?Two francs.
Chapter 4
Why did Raoul decide go to Pellon? Because Christine go to Pellon and he wanted to see her.
Who did Raoul see when he looked out of the window in themiddle of the night? A figure with a skeleton mask and eyes like a fire.

Chapter 5
What will the ghost do if the managers take no notice of his conditions?He will put a curse on the theatre.
What did Raoul wear when he went to the ball? The some figure that Raoul saw at the Church in Pellon, a figure with a skeleton mask and eyes like a fire.
Where did Raoul hide when he enteredChristine´s dressing-room?
Chapter 7
Why did Raoul go to Christine´s home? Because he was worried about her.
Chapter 8
How often did Raoul and Christine meet after Raoul said he was going to the NorthPole? In a month.
What did Raoul want to see? Lower part of the Opera House.
Chapter 9
Where did the Opera Ghost take Christine? In a room full of flowers.
Who is both the Opera Ghost and theAngel of Music? Erik.
Why does Erik tell Christine that he cannot let her go after seeing his face?Because he has a terrible face,with 4 black instead of eyes, a nose and a mouth.
Who does Christine...
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