Phase two science

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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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Phase 2
We are a team of students at prepa Tec that are doing a Project of investigation around our community. We enabled our minds to set free the answer that we struggle to live with every day.This Project is divided into four phases, the first one we concluded about a month ago, and to proceed with the third one, we must elaborate a background paper of information about this interestingtopic, or rather question. This inquiry is: How can we bath without using too much time and (most importantly) water? These few paragraphs will give you previous information about what the objectives ofthis Project are, and the general description of it and the topics covered. This paper will also include guidance about some other topics that we will rank by their order of importance, these willredact the brief history of water and also the cycle it passes through and how humans contaminate it, how much water does a human being averagely wastes a day, and last but not least we will condense thebeneficial effects this project is going to have in our future community. As a team, we assure you a complete understanding of what this project is all about.
The objectives of this Project are togain conscience of reality, of what we are forced to live right now. We face a changeable future, and it now resides within us, it is in our hands were it lies. We mistake this as a game for beingsmart; it’s been like this from the start, were we just stand and not act. But in the present there has been an incremented social conscience on the impact of human behavior on the different ecosystemsof the Earth. Our goal is to create an inner voice and a duty, to preserve what we have of water, and what you can do to change this abhorrent destiny.
To do this experiment we learned all about thedifferent cycles on the earth, like the ones of water, carbon, nitrogen, etc. We got our hands dirty doing experiments that helped us see graphically when does a substance contain carbon dioxide and...
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