Philanthropic experience

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  • Publicado : 13 de enero de 2011
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Monday 6th. The week just was starting and it seemed that it will be a regular day than the others, the same routine: wake up, take a shower, breakfast, leave my brother at high school, go to classes, lunch, and get back to classes, go to the gym and finally go home. But nobody even me, would imagine that an announcement will change the whole sense about my career’s direction.
Myschool schedule started normally, the first hour was anatomy class, learning about the skull bones, their name parts, the function of one of them; it is so great that class that I could be the whole day in anatomy class, but that’s not possible so my class ended a few hours later. Between the first and second class there is a break in which I always go downstairs to take a cup of tea; my second classwas Embryology, the science that study the pregnancy development and the baby progress in the whole 9 months period; well the class was starting as normal when de Dean came over and made an announcement, all of us were very anxious to hear the announcement when he said that a foundation is coming over to make free surgeries focused restoring the body joints it means hip and knee, the surgerieswere going to be able for people that don’t have the enough money to afford a surgery like that including the post-operation which includes the rehab and the medicines. The foundation it’s called Operation Virginia Walk this is a group of doctors including nurses and all the staff needed for the whole process, willing to be able to do the many surgeries as possible during 5 days; but that’s not allsaid the Dean, the UEES made an arrangement in which 15 med-school students are going to be part of all the foundation activities, the students are going to be the translator between doctors and patients, that was the best part, the another one was the strict selection. Later that day I went to the Dean Office and wrote my name at the inscriptions sheet, I was very anxious and nervous because Ireally wanted to go, and there were many students that also putted their name on that sheet.
Two days later y received a call from a strange number, so I pick up and it was the Academy Coordinator, she said to me that I was picked up for the Virginia Walk activities and meet her at her office 11:00 Friday morning, I was so excited, for be honest I really had forgotten the subject because I didn’twant to be so anxious and later don’t be picked, but when I received the call and talk to the Academy Coordinator, I was in shock I can’t even realize in that moment the huge opportunity, that over 40 students also had the chance to take it, but I was chosen, that means something and I have to figured out what it was.
Later that day, I went home and took Mojito -my dog- for a walk, while Mojitowas playing and running over the park I was thinking what this opportunity means and how it would change my career vision, because I know that I wanted to be a doctor but I didn’t know what specialty or what kind of medicine I wanted to practice; so I was specting that the experience will give some of my many answers. I returned to my home and my mom was ordering food, my brother was playing ps3with his friends and I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower, after that I went downstairs and help my mom organize the food in the table, because she said that real families eat together, to make special bonds, talking about our day and new things that have been going on in our lives. During the meal my brother was sharing about his day at high school, he was so happy because he enteredthe swim team, my mom was really happy beside the tiredness she felt and it was obvious in his expressions, but she didn’t care, deep inside her eyes you can see that the love she feel for us is bigger that the exhausted feeling. Then it was my turn, I have to tell my mom what happened at school, I was very excited to tell her but she is one of the persons that can see inside you and know that...
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