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I Know…
1. The sky is blue
2. 2+2=4
3. Gravity pulls objects down to Earth
4. Plants grow from seeds
5. All living things eventually die
6. Plant leaves are green due tochlorophyll
7. Earth is mostly water
8. 1 meter is equal to 100 centimeters
9. I am a male human being
10. I can learn things
I Believe…
1. In God
2. UFOs do not exist
3.Bigfoot does not exist
4. Conspiracy theories are made-up stories most of the time
5. Humans will inhabit outer-space one day
6. In life after death
7. There is good in mankind
8. Manythinks happen for a reason, but do not believe fully in fatalism or destiny
9. There must be more than one way to do something
10. Complexity is sophisticated
Philosophy of Life
Mythoughts lead me to think there must be good in every person and doing right or wrong would depend on the circumstance and how great that good is compared to what is wrong in the same person. I believeeveryone has the ability to tell what is right from what is wrong but just after learning from previous situations. I also tend to see complexity as a synonym of sophistication and therefore like to makethings complex. I also believe thought is primarily important for the outcome of an action. I like to think about myself by saying ‘‘I am the scriptwriter; not an actor’’. So I think there are peoplewho are better off think of something as others will do better making those thoughts into actions (just like a scriptwriter and the actors). That does not mean that a person who thinks cannot takethose ideas to reality and that someone who is better at doing things cannot think.

4 Factors That Influenced That Philosophy
1. Personal thoughts
I spend most of my time thinking about anything.Playing imaginary scenarios in my mind and how choices could influence the outcome of such scenarios. That has led me to draw many conclusions about the nature of mankind taking myself as an...
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