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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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How hot or cold a substance is, KE: temperature is the average KE of the particles.
Measured in °c, °f and K with a thermometer, the lowest temp. = 0 K -273.16 °C so this cause theparticles stop moving, this was done by scientist in lab (BEC low tem. Superf. )
Is the thermal energy that flows from something at higher temperature to something at a lower temperature(joules=J)
Thermal energy:
Energy that flows though matter , condition you need a high and low temperature and always is from high temperature to low temperature (hit to flow heat );the unit is= Joule (J) that is measured it with a calorimeter ; KE: sum of the ke and pe of the particles of a substance
Kinetic theory: solid liquid gas:
1. All matter is composed of small particles(atoms, molecules and ions)
2. These particles are in constant, random motion.
3. These particles are colliding with each other and the walls of their container
States of matter:

Properties ofmatter: mass volume density pressure. Problems:

Fluids buoyancy Archimedes principle:
If the buoyant force of the fluid is equal to the weight of the object the object floats. If thebuoyant force of the fluid is less than the weight of the object the object sinks.
Hydrostatic pressure:
Pressure exported by liquids, it depends on the DEPHT. Formula= Ph = Pa +Dgh
(Ph =hydrostatic pressure)(D=density =KG /M3)(G= gravity= 9.8)(h= depth M)
Gas pressure:
Pressure (Pascals=Pa)
Gas particles are constantly moving and colliding with anything in their path, these collisionsof these particles in the air result in pressure
Boyle's law:
States that if temperature is constant , as the volume of a gas, decrease the pressure increases. It states also that a constanttemperature, as the volume of a gas increase the pressure decrease .
Converting temperature scales:

Specific heat:
Capacity of each material to absorbed or realize heat

Q=MC (Tf-Ti)(j)...
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